In Illinois, transition planning must begin by the time the student turns 14 ½.  The IEP team must start helping the student plan for their future when they leave high school.  Planning includes working with the student to develop post-secondary goals and determining a plan for a course of study to meet these goals.  School personnel will assist in any way possible to help students and parents prepare for life after high school. This includes a wide variety of activities. Students may learn life skills, such as cooking and budgeting. Students may work in the community or school the STEP, a work program offered by SMASE in conjunction with the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS). Students may need help researching career or college options. Resource and Instructional teachers will assist students with this process. For students who will likely need more intense services, such as residential placement, it is essential that parents start making plans and keeping their PUNS application current.

Below are some resources for parents and students. As always, contact your district or SMASE if you need assistance.


Transition Resources Weblinks