SMASE Staff & Services

Find information about Administrative SMASE Staff, Related Service Staff, Contractual Itinerant Staff, Teachers, and Teacher’s Assistants.

Administrative Staff



Christie Johnson


Dawn Biersborn

Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Johnson

Related Service Staff

Monica Ahrens, School Psychologist:
Meaghan Malherek, School Psychologist:

Janeen Griewing, School Psychologist:

Angie Greene, Speech and Language Pathologist:
April Wilson, Vision Itinerant:
Peggy Jo Rice, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Itinerant:

Brian Stoops, School Social Worker:

Kellie Allen: Speech Language Pathologist:

Contractual Itinerant Staff

Kristen Haider, Audiologist
Amanda Yates, Therakids Occupational Therapy Asst.
Katie Larson, Therakids Occupational Therapist
Kathy Wassink, Therakids Occupational Therapist
Crystal Tarin, Physical Therapist Assistant
Kenzie Spangler, Occupational Therapist Assistant
Carrie Downs, Physical Therapist


Kayli Boehler, Early Childhood Special Education:

Kimberly Greenwood, Early Childhood Special Education:

Becky Fritz, Primary Cross Cat Instructional:

Robyn Gieson, Elementary Cross Cat Instructional:

Rachel Bethard, Elementary Cross Cat Instructional:

Clare Hammons, Elementary Cross Cat Behavior Support:

Ally White, Elementary Cross Cat Behavior Support:

Michelle Barker, HS Life Skills Instructional:

Jennifer Houck, HS Cross Cat Behavioral Support Instructional:

Jennifer Hailstone, HS Cross Cat Instructional:

Heather Berkel, 6th grade Cross Cat Instructional:

Andrea Williamson, HS Cross Cat Instructional:

Angie Clark, Middle School Life Skills Instructional:

Katie Cunningham, Junior High Cross Cat Instructional:

Vicki Grosze, Middle School Cross Cat Instructional:

Teacher’s Assistants

Linelle Lyerla, Torri Spencer, Heather Ondes,  Sandi Meyer, Brittany Brown, Chelsea Murphy, Christina Fry,  Chelsey Griffin, Cecelia Bloome, Veronica Albl, Ashley Howard, Marcia Davis, Darian Gill