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South Macoupin Association for Special Education


SMASE is proud to provide the best quality education and services to our students and parents.  We are are dedicated to helping students with special needs reach their maximum potential in the least restrictive environment.  Students receive a variety of services based on their individual needs.  SMASE ‘s member districts are Mt. Olive #5, Staunton #6, Gillespie #7 and Bunker Hill #8.  These four districts are situated in a rural setting, while still being very close to St. Louis, Springfield and Edwardsville. We think this provides our students with the best of both worlds.

SMASE provides a continuum of supports and services for students. SMASE staff supports and provides guidance for resource and speech services that are provided at each school district. In addition, SMASE provides thirteen classrooms for students who need more individualization than can be provided in the traditional resource setting. These classrooms are located in Gillespie and Staunton school districts, but are composed of students from all four member districts.